About the Author

I was born in Australia, 1979, and learnt from a very young age that I could escape the harsh reality of the real world by entering into the realm of my imagination. As the years advanced, I discovered the more I came into this world, the less I had to feel the torments and ridicule I received on a daily basis growing up.

I dreamed of one day breaking away from my nightmarish existence and becoming a full-time writer. All I needed to do, I considered, was write just one great book and I would be a success. As I soon found out, that dream was not as easy as I'd thought. In fact, I consider today that I would have had more of a chance trying to find a unicorn than writing that best seller.

I now focus on trying to help others through my writing. With the publication of my first book, "An Evolutional Journey for the Modern Man," I set myself on the path towards achieving this dream and have never looked back.

Following my first book, I published "Masterclass Seduction," "Balance Incarnated," "We Are the Fallen," "How to be a Superior Man," and most recently, "The Proclamation on the Demon in I". I have also authored numerous articles throughout the internet, such as: "How to Become a Powerfully Confident Man," "Lessons from a Sad Clown," "Age of Fear," and "How to Unleash Your Inner Leader".

With an unadulterated approach, I create works through a labour-intensive process which can be seen clearly as a personal exorcism ritual… By exploring the concept of my imagination in an enthusiastic way, I challenge my readers by approaching a broad scale of subjects in a multi-layered manner.

I like to try to involve the reader in a way that is sometimes physical, not only emotional with my writing. I believe in the idea of purpose following multiplicity in my books.

My writing establishes a link between what the readers consider being reality and that what is imagined. My books focus on concrete questions that determine our existence.